LATEST NEWS: Nobelprizewinning author, Günther Grass warns against racists in the Danish government ...
HAMLET2002 is a committee of concerned Danes from The Minority Party who wish to protest against xenophobic and racist tendencies in Denmark.

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We urge the press, politicians, human rights organizations and other concerned individuals anywhere to help us combat increasing xenophobia in Denmark, whether by simply spreading the information found on this website, or even by boycotting Danish products. Help us put pressure on the Danish government that is currently cooperating with the right-wing extremists of the Danish People's Party to implement the »toughest immigration laws in Europe« according to The Guardian.

We welcome any international attention that might help open the eyes of the Danes and make them realize, that the present Danish policies show »uncomfortable parallels« with Le Pens policies, as recently noted by The Financial Times. And worse still, the ultranationalistic wing in Danish politics deliberately produces propaganda against immigrants, especially Muslims, that in great detail resembles the type of Nazi propaganda against Jews, that was common in pre-Nazi Germany in the 1920's and 1930's.

»There is something rotten in the state of Denmark,« Hamlet states in Shakespeare's classic play about decay, despair and delusion in Denmark centuries ago – for foreigners especially, there is something rotten in Denmark today as well: Help us to help Denmark embrace the multicultural development and persuade the Danish politicians of the necessity of a Danish society based on humanism and equal rights for its all inhabitants, regardless of religious or ethnic background.